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Depth, Duration and Deflation Will Determine if It’s a Depression

(Bloomberg Opinion)—The U.S unemployment report for March foreshadowed the ugly numbers to come as the economy’s sudden stop sidelines entire sectors. The prospect of double-digit unemployment rates raises the possibility that what is now the “Great Suppression” will become the next Great Depression. This raises an important question for market participants: What separates a depression […]

NREI’s Common Area, Episode 32

In this episode of Common Area Podcast, David Bodamer speaks with Adam Hooper, the founder and CEO of RealCrowd. RealCrowd is a digital marketplace for real estate managers that are looking to raise capital from accredited investors. Together, they discuss the impact that COVID-19 is having on commercial real estate, which was in a fairly […]

Landlords, Lenders and the Government Must Find Solutions

The federal government’s $2 trillion stimulus package is a courageous step to boost our economy but is not enough to protect the retail industry. The looming cash shortfall threatens tenants, landlords, and lenders.  If we want the retail sector—which supports 52 million jobs nationwide—to persevere, the government must extend to landlords the same protections it […]