CRE Technology is Changing How Investors Find True Owners

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It’s no secret—LLCs are purposely difficult to get past. They’re established for the sole reason of protecting individuals from personal liability, and intentionally obscure the identities of those involved.

While they’re great for property owners, they’re a frustrating roadblock for CRE professionals, especially investors trying to source off-market deals. As these individuals try to track down the names and contact information of true owners, they’re often thwarted by the veils of respective corporations.

Until now, that is.

Today, CRE technology like Reonomy is changing the way investors find and engage property owners.

Reonomy allows investors, developers and other industry professionals to find accurate and up-to-date contact names for more than 50 million properties across the nation—the country’s entire supply of commercial assets. Between access to granular property details, to the ability to pierce the LLC to get straight to true owners, Reonomy gives modern investors everything they need to find and win off-market deals.

Demystifying Access to Decision-Makers

For savvy investors who want to skip expensive broker fees, an off-market data platform is essential—especially one that provides ownership information.  Rather than relying on listings platforms, tools like Reonomy provide investors and other professionals with an unobstructed view of a market and the individuals behind it.

Via a variety of search filters, investors can create custom searches to find the exact properties they’re looking for. From there, they can explore each property individually to research comprehensive details pertaining to physical building characteristics, transactional intel like sales and debt records, and owning entities, including LLCs.

While other CRE data platforms might stop at just providing the name of the umbrella owning corporation, Reonomy actually pierces the LLC to unveil accurate names and corresponding contact information, like phone numbers, emails and mailing addresses. When “pierced,” Reonomy will serve up a list of anyone associated with that company, including owners and principal signatories. In turn, investors can skip speaking with gatekeepers and go straight to the people with clout.

Say, for example, a multifamily investor in the Austin, Texas area finds an apartment building he thinks might be a worthwhile pursuit. With Reonomy’s ownership information, he can easily see the owner on record of that property and their recorded mailing address. In this case, the recorded owner is 123 LLC.

But then, rather than having to research and Google the individuals involved with 123 LLC, this investor can uncover true owner names and corresponding contact information in seconds. By piercing the LLC, he learns the true owner behind 123 LLC is Joe Smith, and has access to his phone number, street address, and email, as well as his complete portfolio information. In all, this investor has everything he needs to reach out to the apartment building’s owner—and all it took was a few clicks of a button.

In short, LLCs no longer pose a problem. With Reonomy, the CRE community can uncover owning entities faster, with accuracy and ease.

Strategic Deal-Making

Armed with owner names, contact information and a comprehensive view of property details, investors and other CRE professionals have everything they need to maximize deal-making. How, exactly? Using specific property details, like building and lot characteristics, holding periods, or portfolio information, investors can tailor their pitches directly to the owners they connect with.

Let’s circle back to the example above: in exploring Joe Smith’s portfolio, our example investor learns Smith has recently sold two other apartment buildings in the Austin area. He also notes that the apartment building of interest hasn’t been sold since 2006, indicating a lengthy holding period.

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Using these insights, this investor can create a compelling pitch directly to Joe Smith. Rather than cold calling him with no insights, he can leverage the nuances unearthed in research to negotiate. In all, he can present a one-of-a-kind business case that proves he’s done his homework—much more worthwhile than just another generic pitch. This two-fold strategy—piercing the LLC to get straight to decision-makers, then presenting them with a compelling business case on why they should sell—is how deals are won.

There’s no doubt new CRE technology is ushering in a new era of deal-making. With modern CRE technology like Reonomy, investors can explore more options, skip getting stonewalled by LLCs  and connect with the owners that actually matter. By harnessing their findings, investors and other CRE professionals are empowered to negotiate better, taking them one step closer to closing their next big deal.

Go beyond the LLC. Try Reonomy for free.

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