The Advantage of Technology in Recruiting Property Management Talent

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One the most challenging and vitally important aspects of property management is recruiting highly-qualified talent for your organization. Sometimes retaining those best-fit employees can be more difficult than finding them. Graduates fresh out of college or technical school have grown up in a technology-rich learning environment and are looking for careers that make use of their tech skills. What better way to find a pool of employees with the necessary skill set to run a mod- ern business than by using technology as a draw?


In the past, the interview process was an opportunity for applicants to present rea- sons a company should hire them. Today, employers often find themselves trying to convince desirable candidates to join their teams. Technology can help you put your best foot forward.

With a workforce unaccustomed to doing anything manually, modernizing your office may be essential to attract top talent. Stepping into a well-equipped property management environment is far more appealing to today’s job seekers than learning how to manually screen tenants, update paper accounting re- cords and reload the antiquated copier and fax machine with paper.

By now almost everyone knows that automation streamlines everything, from communicating with clients and staff to managing cash flow and issuing financial statements. If you aren’t already up to date on current technology trends, invest some time finding out what is new or upcoming. Don’t limit your research to emerging trends in the real estate sector; check out medical tech, time  management tools and other devices that make life easier, more convenient or fun. The more you learn, the more likely it is your talent prospects will see you as a for- ward-thinking manager who values virtual document management with version control and heightened security.


Nine out of ten millennials are looking for work and non-work activities that offer lifelong learning opportunities. Many are willing to invest personal time and money in advanced training. According to the World Economic Forum, learning new skills provides an avenue to move into a new or better job. While you’re using online job platforms and social media to connect with fresh talent, consider building learning opportunities into your business model.

There are many ways to encourage internal professional development and satisfy the thirst for tech-driven job performance.

  • Make learning part of the culture by offering industry relevant webinars, conferences and self-guided educational resources to your team.
  • Host a monthly learning lunch that allows your staff members to share new tech trends and educational discoveries they find relevant or interesting.
  • Encourage employees to access on-demand training, attend vendor workshops and download education- al articles from your tech partners.

Technology goes a long way for today’s job-seekers and current employees. Not only does joining a property management organization with state-of-the-art tools and software help them maximize their work time; but it also boosts their confidence in the company’s future as a competitive, modern business.


Nat Kunes is the vice president of product management for AppFolio. AppFolio is an IREM President Level Industry Partner. This article is published in JPM® as part of that partnership.

This article originally appeared in the July/August 2018 issue of JPM

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