The Leading U.S. Life Sciences Clusters


Across the nation, the top life sciences clusters are red hot. The markes boast low vacancy rates, sterling fundamentals and robust deal pipelines. Major leases continue to get signed and new lab space is under construction in most every market.

CBRE earlier this year put together its outlook for the leading U.S. life sciences clusters.

“The life sciences revolution is occurring at a record pace. In this report, CBRE identifies the U.S. market clusters leading this revolution, as well as a selection of markets emerging as the industry’s next hot spots,” according to CBRE. “Analyzing these markets with a greater emphasis on recent industry employment and funding trends, as well as their depth of talent and institutions, indicates stronger momentum in some, which may indicate the potential for future above-average employment and industry growth. CBRE’s analysis suggests Boston-Cambridge and the San Francisco Bay Area will continue their lead. However, significant momentum, especially in New York City and Los Angeles, implies these markets will play a greater role in the industry.”

In the following gallery, we look at the top 10 life sciences clusters, including key stats and highlights from each market. 

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