The Weekender Podcast, Episode 8

In this episode of the Weekender podcast, David Bodamer and co-host Aric Johnson discuss top stories centering around the finance and investment side of the industry. Highlights include what the inverted yield curve might mean for investors, highlights from an interview with RCA’s Jim Costello, life insurance companies looking to increase their CRE lending portfolios and how big-chain drugstore closures are impacting the CRE market. 

In this episode, you will learn: 

  • How the inverted yield curve is affecting the market
  • What the latest readings from RCA’s CPPI index mean for investors
  • How life insurance companies are hoping to use interest rate volatility to their advantage to gain market share
  • Whether CRE landlords should be worried about big-chain drugstore closures

Tune in now to get your dose of this week’s top stories!

Read the full stories:

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