Top 11 Women CRE Executives

Women CRE Executives

At the executive level in the commercial real estate industry, it’s a man’s world. While residential real estate boasts a higher female-to-male ratio, diversity lags on the commercial side. Some progress has been made in recent years, but there are still advancements to be made—a recent study by the CREW Network found that women in commercial real estate are more satisfied with their career progression than they had been in the past, but they still earn less than men in the same roles. Some other stats are also less-than-encouraging. Only 6 percent of real estate funds in a recent KPMG/NYU survey were led by women, and fewer women in real estate—17 percent—sit on corporate boards than other industries included in the survey. While there are many women who hold prominent positions in the industry, NREI chose to feature 11 of the top female executives in commercial real estate, focusing on those who hold the title of CEO.

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