Luke will focus more on the office operations side from a dispatching and office standpoint.  He will work with the call takers to ensure calls are answered, routed,  and recorded properly.  He will be in charge of making the website and tech side usable to both property owners and tenants.

Luke will also work heavily in marketing and sales.  He will be expected to tie Cellino Plumbing to property management, making the company a household name and gaining new clients.  Luke will need to market with a very minimal budget.  He will be held responsible for ensuring everyone in the company holds themselves in a professional manner, from their attitude to their attire.

James will be responsible for the field operations side.  He will work with the employees in the field and ensure they complete work to our standard.  James will handle hiring subcontractors and negotiating leases.  James will also take the lead on legal issues such as leases and evictions.  

Both Luke and James will be involved with finance and sales.  They will also both work towards their brokerage license with the expectation at least 1 will have it within 2 years.  


Julie Bastible; she will be our key employee.  We will need to work under her real estate license along with her husband sponsoring her.  

Refuge 1:  He will be our most important day to day employee as he will complete the tasks dispatched to him by Cellino Plumbing

James Dad: Will be used when a property is under a major project or renovation.  He will act as the foreman.  


Cellino Plumbing: They will handle the bulk of the operations.  A friendly negotiated deal will be made as part of Luke and James agreement.

Lawn Care:  Will be completed by Cellino Property management.  Luke will be responsible for providing a trailer, commercial and standard mower, commercial weedwacker, commercial hedge trimmer, chainsaws and other tools.   

Snow Removal: Will be subbed out for the time being.