The Key to New Trends in Tech and Design

The days we felt like commercial real estate didn’t change often have come and gone. While cost and location are always crucial to your prospective tenants’ decision-making, value is playing an even bigger role. And the definition of “value” is changing, as tenants are willing to spend more on next-generation technology in order to streamline operations and invest in workspace enhancements to attract and retain a pool of talented employees.

It all comes down to tenant needs and expectations, which can vary by market—meaning you, the commercial property professional, needs to understand the market and the people to find the best way to meet expectations and anticipate what is coming next. The newest space-planning services technology is making this possible. These innovative programs give you the power to create adaptive, functional workspaces, add on-site amenities like fitness centers, outdoor spaces and breakout rooms, and offer streamlined security and parking options, just to name a few.

In addition to innovative workspaces, as businesses run on technology, the need for strong connectivity is critical. Buildings that provide access to high-speed and wireless Internet options, charging ports and other tech necessities are finding themselves in the highest demand. They rely on intelligent solutions to help run analytics, collect data and gather insights remotely, and cloud-based software to manage repairs and market their businesses. This means systems need to be fail-proof.

Retrofitting an older building with the latest technologies or even equipping a newer building with amenities that will attract tech-savvy tenants and increase efficiencies can be costly. In order to make the most out of technological investments, it’s important to research and assess options from a time, money and access standpoint. And then move ahead quickly—because those who see technology as just a “trend” will find themselves—and their properties—left behind. Technology will only continue to change the way buildings run and how managers interact with tenants.

Staying on top of every new product and service in the marketplace and finding the technology that is appropriate for your buildings can be challenging tasks. But you can simplify this process by accessing everything at the 2018 BOMA International Annual Conference & Expo. Packed with the full spectrum of solutions specific to your needs, BOMA’s Technology Pavilion and the new Technology & Innovation education track spotlight the hottest new innovations in CRE, and a special general session on The New Tenant Amenity Demands will offer insight on how owners and managers are successfully extending their property’s value proposition with user-friendly technology and other high-quality amenities.

With all these changes, you must plan ahead to stay ahead. Well-thought-out development begins with understanding the full spectrum and how each option can work for your goals of increasing tenant satisfaction and reducing building operation costs.

As the commercial real estate industry’s premier event, the BOMA International Conference & Expo is a showcase of all the newest technology solutions, leading-edge products and innovative service offerings. No need to look elsewhere for the energy-saving, cost-cutting ideas that will keep your company on top of its game. With the wealth of knowledge and connected options, you’ll be prepared to take your ideas, your career and your profitability to the next level.

Learn more about how BOMA can help you anticipate what’s ahead and succeed in the world of CRE and register to join the industry at


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